Forever Lida

Forever Lida is a Birmingham-based community founded by Irene Sheyko to honour her Grandmother Lida, killed in March 2022 in Mariupol by the Russian invaders.

We collect humanitarian aid donations and raise funds to buy goods, vehicles and other equipment, needed by Ukrainian civilians, medics and evacuation teams. We hand deliver the aid we collect to the Donetsk region using a network of volunteers in the UK and Ukraine.

Over 2022 we have delivered over 15 tonnes of humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people in need - we deliver to the grey zones and frontline towns, areas rarely covered by aid agencies and other charitable initiatives.

Since March 2022 we have bought 2 vehicles and a long list of essential equipment for the frontline medics and evacuation teams. We are committed to support these teams by supplying them with evacuation vans, means of communication, medical aid kits, survival items, protective gear, generators and electronics.

Our founder

My name is Irene Sheyko, I’m a Ukraine-born fashion designer now living in Birmingham.

Even though I’ve settled in the UK a while ago, I’ve got strong connections with Ukraine. My family, friends and colleagues are spread all over Ukraine, and when Russia started a full-scale invasion on the 24th of February, I’ve been affected on 40 million of levels.

My grandparents were living in Mariupol - that’s where both of my parents are from. Mariupol is where they grew up, went to school and the University, where my elder brother was born.

At the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, we’ve been checking on our grandparents daily. However, the 1st of March brought silence. We haven’t heard from or about my grandparents until the 22nd of March when a neighbour of my grandparents called us to tell us devastating news: my grandmother was killed 9 days before. The neighbour told my mum that her parents’ house, the family home of multiple generations, was hit by a missile and burnt down to ashes as a result, leaving my grandfather a homeless widower.

I decided to call my organization Forever Lida to honour my grandmother Lida, who died just for being Ukrainian living in Mariupol.

Please support my appeal - together we are saving lives.

Our mission

Forever Lida was established to support Ukrainians, whose lives have been turned upside down due to the Russian invasion.

Ukraine is a large country with a population of over 40 million, therefore all support matters.

Forever Lida has three pillars: humanitarian, medical and evacuation teams support.

We work directly with the Ukrainian frontline medics and evacuation teams and cover their requests, raising the funds to locate, purchase and l deliver the goods they urgently need.

How to Help

You can donate via BACS or our Just Giving page:

  • To donate to our JustGiving fundraiser: click here
  • Our bank account details: Forever Lida, account number 20919368, sort code 30-99-50 (Lloyds Bank, UK)

To get in touch please email